These are 3" x 4" on watercolour paper, done in watercolour and ink. Some I have yet to photograph.


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Solar Village

Based closely on an album cover by Tim Hart and Maddy Prior

Sun King

At Morning. I'm not satisfied about a thing with this, & especially because the king looks a touch too old and the sun is too bright.

Sun King

At Midday, builder of cities

Sun King

Keeper of the hall and the peace, maker of truces

Winter King

My only regret with this image is I did not paint the candle as almost burnt down and sputtering out

Sun King

Aspected & failing, overcome by greed


This card took two years of work to get the colours just right - it lies on the path between the Solar and the Lunar-Stellar.

The Lightbringer

As a teacher, coming in the softness of morning clouds

The Keeper

I had an image of Ogion in mind.

Spring King

The King in March, searching for help. I'm not thrilled with the colour choices, and making it a better painting would make the colour situation worse.


Sited towards the Lunar between sky and water, spirits of healing and insight

The Landmother

As mother of the valley. Painted on the occasion of my husband coming out OK from the first pandemic.

The Adept

I hoped to capture a genderlessness, as if the Adept sought to trancend both the world of bodies and the world of human ideas.


The meeting of land and water, excluding sky (before warmth and light)


The meeting of sky and water, excluding land (before warmth and light).


The meeting of land and sky, excluding water (before warmth and light). Not my best work.

Horizon Weather

The meeting of sky and water, under the brightness of sun and a brave wind.


A mystery.