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Personal blogging but mostly pagan content; ideas I'm experimenting with and trying out; plus intermittent trangst and povertyblogging and paranoia about the impossibility of safe social communities

In future, I hope to build a little community (it's hard to be a witch alone); for now, we have a very quiet discord (if you join, ping me so I know you're there). There's no real need or requirement to "become an initiate"; you can just pick up my notes and run with them; but sometimes doing things together is nice. You're not a "tradition" until what you do has been passed on through three generations; it's something to aspire to.

Mastodon is a twitter-esque platform with the worst features of modern social media stripped out, and I hang out on the cosy instance.


I watch a lot of film and television, and sometimes my thoughts fit better on a movie blog than on a pagan one. Folk horror, children's weird, strange stuff from the 70s


These programs help me manage the unwieldy amounts of data this project creates!

Open-source ebook manager - for browsing your collection, tagging and sorting to your hearts content, and adding them to your ebook reader. A physical ebook reader is a great way to spend less time next to tempting devices, but still have the joys of information (you can convert websites to ebooks, for one thing).

Bibliography manager - for academics and the like - and invaluable for managing a large amount of Reading. You can export your lists to html pages, which is very handy.

Free, old-school website space with a great community of other creators making self-expressive online spaces. I built a lot of confidence here with website-making and find it a lot more pleasing than using sites where you have less control over the look. I built my original website here, and my skills advanced really quickly.

Free, indie web-hosting for hobby websites - a bit more fully featured than neocities, but with a more intimidating learning curve too. This website is on leprd!

Straightforward command-line program for downloading videos (or audio files) from youtube, and a huge number of other sites. Absolute lifesaver for archival work & backing up obscure television broadcasts, documentary clips, etc; if you want to see it again in future, you need to have a local copy.

I currently use youtube-dlp, a fork of the project, but I spent so long on an animated blinkie I'm disinclined to update it just yet.

Privacy-focused search engine, often better quality because it avoids algorithmic/SEO guessing and tracking for what you want

Peer-to-peer network for music collectors


Classic open source art software - I use it for touching up my scanned art, as I have done for over a decade.

Fraidycat captures RSS feeds from various sources - including blogs, social media, wikipedia and more - and then displays them as a browser extension. Perfect for breaking tricksy addictive habits & refocusing on just the work you need to read.


Radio Astercote is powered by this music-organising program - I particularly make use of its Custom Tags feature.


Extension available on browser and phone browsers, allowing you to set rules blocking time-sink websites. Granular tools - organise websites into different rulesets, choose when and how long you can see them, and password lock them if you need.

Pagan People

other pagans on the smallweb


Learn about the fonts used on this site.

The original layout was by Eggramen, and built on and extended by me.


As you'll know from my religious life, I am quite negative about the modern internet - but I think it's a cool technology and enjoy spending time there, when you get off the beaten track and into the creative world of the smallweb. I believe love is stronger than hate - that time spent building or experiencing the alternative is more powerful than critique. Here are some fun places to explore.

Melonking: Every site needs a Links Page / Why linking matters

Web Toys

90s cursor effects
make your website sparkle!
Vertex Meadow
make an environment to explore in your browser with just paint images. tricky to master, mesmerising to play with. Beneath a Stained Sky is an excellent Lunar-Stellar mood.
Simone Computer
Toy website like a computer, with great links
java/dhtml web effects
for your own site
Super Pixel Quest
part game, part art, all wonderful
Play a digital TCG on neocities
navigate this site with a command line!
Web Desktops
a collection of websites where the appearance mimics a desktop
personal tech site with fun interactive design
GUI Gallery
Screencaps of vintage GUIs
My Vintage TV
Television for watching clips from the past
Hobbyish game dev blog with lovely design
Your World of Text
A text-only website anyone can type into. Chaos reigns!
Werner's Colors
Color library from the past
Tiny Tools
bumper list of tools to make your own little games and webtoys with
a hand-curated list of fun places to visit

Interesting Things

The Flag of Earth
Proposal for a flag for all humankind
How to DIY cel animation
from anna firth
A Field Guide to Roadside Wilflowers at Full Speed
american plant guide

Going smallweb

A linklist of websites whcih are almost wholly text-based
a CSS framework just like the one for the GOV.UK website
Hundred Rabbits
Programmers on a boat, experimenting with micro-alternatives to weighty programs, blending art and programming
Tiny blog services,,; (a community pub), (a slow social network)
Teeny framework for minimalist webpages
No Clutter Clean Youtube Viewer
Watch videos without the stress
use youtube without a youtube account - no tracking, make playlists, and more
'run your own app' which are extremely quick to setup
apps where you own your data and none is shared
A text-based web browser
A search engine for the small web
suggestions for better alternatives to platforms you already use (for ethical, safety, political or other reasons)
Simple microblog
Generates HTML from text files. Python.
Dead Logs
Mini website generator
More microblogging
Google Webfonts Helper
Replace google webfonts with self-hosted fonts
Make an easy webfont kit from a font on your computer
Make HTML diagrams
a community event for hobby website-making
prism break
more secure & private software options
Goat Counter
open source analytics tool designed for personal websites
make lil status shields easily
lo/no code program for making interactive document games
see how your website looks in multiple screen sizes

smallweb politics

mnmlist: minimal web manifesto
a vision for the minimalist internet
Artisanal, Handcrafted HTML or: Why does my website look like shit?
With a nice reading list of other sites about better, smaller, more creative web
Local First
Essay on why apps should be 'local first' (I agree!)
Killed By Google
Projects that no longer exist
Hippocratic Tech Licence
a licence for apps and software which aims to do no harm
and its followup, bettermotherfuckingwebsite
A primer on the accessible web
A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden
on a new way of being present online
a one-stop website summarising reasons to do it and techniques for doing so
'Social Media Is Not Self-Expression'
essay on social media and capitalism
I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet
essay from 2013

Personal Sites
Smallweb social community
John D. Duncan
Web Gardens
A pretty list of personal websites
Cyber Mausoleums
Death and the internet
Pink AND Spooky! Has a haunted house media list
Eric Meyer has been involved in the development of CSS for years, and his personal site is gorgeous
joyful personal dev blog
Lovely design & fun webtoys

a directory of personal neocities sites to explore. Some sites I've enjoyed include:

Your Computer

Gives you more information about what the componetns of your computer are doing
Website Dowloader
Make an archival or offline copy of a website. I've started collecting pagan blogs and sites I view as influential or significant - you never know what the future will need - and I'm conscious that this era of our history is as fragile as the papers in the damp corner of Doreen Valiente's flat. Go ahead: download this website.
Wayback Machine Downloader
for when you get there too late
Double Killer
Remove duplicate files from your computer
Sleeve Your Games
Get card sleeves for particular dimensions (for example - your oracle deck)
How to Torrent
beginners guide

Sites I learned better CSS from included


Obsessed with this. This is how I became a pagan, it may have been this VERY site, and if it wasn't it was sites that looked just like it.


Sleepbot: Ambience for the Masses
Directory of ambient albums, streaming radio, and more.
Early music albums. Gorgeous, long-running website.
Zimina's Ambient
Personal list, sorted by subtheme. I used the design of the site as a close inspiration for my own Sounds of the Fen section.
The Library of Alexandria 2k is a streaming archive of vaporwave albums, a very ephemeral genre.
small radio stations
a curated list of mini independent radio stations
Mainly Norfolk
A guide to of British folk music
listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 Mhz FM in Jersey City, NJ. Currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States. Defined my music taste when I discovered its 'strange music' section on Beware of the Blog when I was 13 (and that was over 20 years ago)
Underground web radio with 30 different channels
Streaming radio and television made up of public domain clips, including one channel for vintage science fiction radio

Webrings & Groups

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